Snail Keychain


Product Description :-

Tired of holding your phone while doing other chores? Try this.Great Functional and Decorative Piece, that will add a unique touch to any desk, counter, coffee table, or night stand.It's very handy as you will be able to use it as keychains.This piece of phone stand and keychain also serves well as a toy for kids.The snail will be able to hold your tablets and phone alongwith his gang of friends. Feel free to have a look at the set of another smartphone holders and keychains as well.A very durable and stylish item.The product is water resistant and made from PLA. The Keychain can be customised with the color of your choice.

Product Information :-

  • High quality keychain
  • Makes a perfect personalized gift
  • Made of PLA biodegradable material
  • Product Dimensions - 5.7 cm
  • Color - Silver