Photo Moon lamp


Product Description :-

Don't you always tell your special ones, "I love you to the moon and back"? Now you can bring the moon out of the space and gift them­čĺ×Give your room a special touch with our 3D Printed Personalized Moon Lamp!

Add your favourite customised photos. Decorate your own world with this moon lamp - put a gentle glow on your desk or nightstand.

Photos, messages, quotes, just about anything can be customised onto the surface of moon. The 3D moon runs off easily rechargeable batteries and can be charged using the included USB cable.

When providing a photo it needs to be a decent file size in JPG or PNG. Smaller image sizes will come out very unclear on the surface of the moon.

Extra Tips :

  1. If you want to print a photo of more than 3 people, we recommend Moon lamp 14 cm or above.
  2. We can include a photo and text printed on any lamp 14 cm and above, photo on the front, text on the back.

Product Specifications:-

  • 3D Printed Personalized Moon Lamp
  • Free  USB Cable
  • Free Light Stand
  • Diameter - 14 cm in diameter
  • Colour - White Light
  • Material - 100% eco-friendly PLA material

For personalization, please provide us with 1 image and 1 text.

NOTE: We make a customised design just for you to be incorporated into the 3D moon, so we cannot support the cancellation of orders once the moon is created. You can be confident about making your purchase because each moon is tested, approved, and 100%  safe.